Public Boating Courses 2017

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The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary courses listed here are provided in Chatham and Harwich.   For a listing of all current New England Courses click here.

Spring and Summer 2017

Family Boating Skills

Saturday, May 20 & July 22, 2017:

Boating Safety Course.

Instructors, experienced in local waters, will cover:

  • Boating Law - Boat registration; boating regulation; hull identification number; required boat safety equipment; operating safely and reporting accidents; protecting the marine environment; Federal boat law; state boating laws; personal watercraft requirements.

  • Boat Safety Equipment – Life jackets; fire extinguishers; sound-signals; visual-distress signals; dock lines and rope; first aid kit; and anchoring.

  • Safe Boating - Bow riding; alcohol and drug abuse; entering, loading, and trimming a boat; fueling; boat handling; docking, undocking and mooring; knots; filing a float plan; checking equipment, fuel, weather and tides.

  • Navigation - The U.S. Aids to Navigation system; types of buoys and beacons; navigation rules (sometimes referred to as right-of-way rules); avoiding collisions; sound signals;

  • Boating Problems - Hypothermia; boating accidents and rescues; man overboard recovery; capsizing; running aground; emergency radio calls; engine problems; equipment failures; carbon monoxide.

Who: Adults and  accompanied Juniors (12 to 17) may obtain their MA Boating Safety Certificate.
When: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Where: Chatham Community Center. 702 Main Street, Chatham, MA

Cost: For adults $35, accompanied Juniors (ages 12-17), no charge.  You may pickup the course text at Cape Fisherman's supply or pay $35 and pick up your book at the beginning of the first class.

.  The course is National Association of State Boating Law Administrators approved. Junior course material is provided by the Massachusetts Environmental Police.  

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